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Western Black Rhino Extinct

There was sad news this week, as the International Union for Conservation of Nature declared the western black rhino extinct.

This unfortunate news reiterates the importance of Species Survival Plans, which are utilized by the St. Louis Zoo and other AZA institutions.  Click here to learn more about the Species Survival Plan Program.  To find out how you can support rhino conservation and fight poaching, visit

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A View from a Different Zoo: Black Rhino Born at Lincoln Park Zoo

Wow!  King, a baby black rhino, is now on display at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  Black rhinos are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.  Conservation efforts in the wild include dehorning and fenced sanctuaries to prevent poaching.

Some black rhino facts:

  • Have possible mutualistic relationships with oxpeckers; the oxpeckers get meals from parasites found in the rhino’s skin, while perhaps giving the rhinos advanced warning of approaching predators (thanks to the oxpecker’s superior vision)
  • Aside from humans, predators include lions and spotted hyenas
  • Did you know black rhinos have two (and sometimes three) “horns?”  Also, did you know rhino “horns” are actually composed of keratin and not  bone? © Todd Rosenberg Photography

© Todd Rosenberg Photography

Check out King’s full story here.

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